About Us

About Us

Who We Are

At My Fin Tree we believe in team spirit and team work to achieve success & strongly go by this philosophy of Working together towards our Goals

Mr. Chimanlal Vasanji Shah (Vira)

Mr. Chimanlal Vasanji Shah (Vira)

WORK IS WORKSHIP - The mantra which he lives on and is an inspiration to the organisation.
Started his career from a Messenger boy in 1962 to Branch Manager of THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE CO. LTD, is a Mentor and Visionary with wide experience in general insurance & life insurance.

Mr. Rupesh Chimanlal Shah (Vira)

Mr. Rupesh Chimanlal Shah (Vira) Certified Financial Planner

My father used to Save Rs. 5/- every day, by depositing in bank and this is how he educated his three kids. Hard to believe but yes, this was his strategy to manage finance. Out of curiosity and passion to Finance I have a Bachelor Degree in Commerce & in 2010 I got certified for CFP from Financial Planning Standards Boards ( India ). This passion helps me cater my clients and guide them with personal financial planning. We understand our clients and give customized solutions to them.

What We Do

Understanding your financial needs, we give you unbiased solutions and implement them in a rightful manner.

We have dedicated professionals working from financial industry. Our motto revolves around the customers' growth and helping them build their wealth.

The process is very simple;

  • Clients tell us their Financial Goals and issues in hand.

  • We study the case and provide suitable plans to achieve their desired goal.

  • We discuss these plans and finalize the best & implement it to achieve client's goals.

what we do

Why choose us

whay choose us

Continuous improvement in work practice leads to personal efficiency - is what Japanese practice so do we, hence we have dedicated professionals working towards achieving desired goals. It's a one stop shop, for your finance goals.

Life Insurance, general Insurance & wealth management is very crucial and need to be managed in a professional way.

Wealth is not earning money but investing in better channels that will help you in your needs & goals.