Child education planner in Mumbai

Child Education Planning

Invest in your child's education today to secure your child's future.

Your child needs your help to achieve his/her big dreams in life.

Child Education Plan is an investment plan that serves two purposes

  • Financially secure your child's future
  • To finance the turning points in his/her life such as higher education.

The child education planner helps to design a plan to protect the future of your child, builds a corpus over a term to be utilized to finance prime moments like higher education.

Benefits of having a Child Education Planner

  • Disciplined Investment
  • Guidance in Tax Benefits
  • Help in Diversification of Investments
  • Growth of Investment of your Money
  • You Can Make an Informed Decisions

A Child Education Planner advises you where you shall make investment in order to fulfill the dreams of your loved ones.

If you start early you need to invest less
To achieve the target of Rs.1 crore when your child turns 21

Age Rs 50 Lacs Rs 1 Crore
For age 0-5 5000 per month 11000 per month
For age 6-10 10000 per month 21000 per month
For age 11-15 35000 per month 710000 per month
Assumptions: Returns assumed at 15% CAGR
*Subject to market risk