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With tax saving investments build corpus & save income tax

Wondering how to save tax?

Tax Planner helps you review best tax planning options under various sections of income tax act

Tax Saving Planner helps you make best use of various tax exemptions, deductions & benefits to minimize their tax liability

We save tax by investing your savings in specific investment options also on certain types of expenditure which you normally incur & help you find ways to save tax over a financial year and build corpus in long term.

Need of Tax Planning

  • Optimum utilization of your hard earned money.
  • Reduces Tax Liability.
  • Tax planning is more reliable option rather than tax evasion or tax avoidance.
  • Proper Tax Planning help saving more money to meet your financial goals.

Best Tax planning options to maximize tax benefits

Take a look at Sec 80C Avail deduction for investing in Fixed Income Investment, Market linked Investment & various investment options like LIC, PPF, ELSS etc
Equity linked Saving schemes (ELSS) Returns on such investments are tax free if invested for the period of 3 years or more
If you have taken a Home Loan Claim tax benefits U/s 80C towards principal payment of home loan & U/s 24 towards interest payment on home loan
Investing in Mutual Funds Save tax on Dividend Income & Returns on such investments are tax efficient if invested for the period of 1 year or more
National Pension scheme (NPS) Get additional tax benefit of Rs 50000 over & above the deductions u/s 80C
Don't forget other Sections Sec 80D Deduction for Health Insurance or Mediclaim & Health Checkup
Sec 80E Deduction for Interest on Education Loan
Sec 80G Deduction on Donation to charitable Institutions