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General Insurance

Life is full of risks & certain unexpected events can really set your back General Insurance helps you protect yourself, things you value like car, home etc & your business from financial burden big or small against various risks like flood, fire, theft, accidents & even the cost of litigation against you & much more Opt for an insurance plan that provides risk coverage as per your needs & requirements

General Insurance Advisor act as a bridge between the person who wish to take insurance and the insurance company On consulting the General Insurance Advisor they guide you:

  • To understand the terms & conditions of the policy
  • Help you purchase right amount of coverage
  • Help you find best type of policy for your needs
  • Provide assistance during claims

General Insurance for every need


There is a famous saying “Buy health insurance when you don’t want it, because you may not get it when you want it”. Health Insurance helps you cover your medical expenses arising due to any sought of diseases or accident. Personal Accident insurance is an insurance cover specifically designed to protect you against death or disability caused due to accident. We understand your needs and accordingly suggest the suitable plans.


Office & Shop insurance provides cover for losses that might arise due to unexpected events, such as theft, fire or natural disasters. A single policy can cover all the risks associated with a shop, showroom or office. Shopkeeper's insurance includes cover for the shop building and its contents, cash in-transit or in the counter, public liability, employer's liability and business interruption.


Your house & housing society are most treasured asset. Taking insurance is a good way to protect your assets in the event of a catastrophe such as fire, burglary, earthquake, floods & much more. We offer a complete insurance package that has been specially designed keeping in mind your insurance needs.


Travelling abroad for work, leisure or higher studies can always be a beautiful experience. But there are always chances of certain things going wrong like loss of passport, loss of baggage, delay in flight, medical emergencies etc. Opting for travel insurance can protect you against any financial setbacks that may occur. Selection of proper cover is a task when you have multiple options; we make your search easy by getting better products at better prize.


Business is all about ups & downs & if not insured today in times of emergencies you will be left with nothing. Business Insurance protects business from losses due to events that occur during the normal course like property damage, legal liability, employee related risks etc. you take business risk & prosper, and we make sure that risks are well protected to make things easier in tough times.


A business always wants its goods-in-transit be secured until they reach the final destination. Marine insurance covers losses or damages caused to your cargo till they reach your customer or till you receive them from your supplier. Customized policies can be done to meet your needs such as insuring your imports, exports, domestic transfers and much more.


Driving always comes with its perils. Taking vehicle insurance protects you against third party damage, any damage caused to vehicle due to accident payment for repair/replacement cost, protection from loss arising due to legal action & much more.


Liability insurance helps to protects an individual or business from the risk of being sued & held legally liable for unforeseen errors, injuries to third party related to your business activity.


Cyber insurance protects business & individual users from internet based risk like privacy & data breach, any kind of hacking, media & data liability, network security issue & much more.

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