Things To Keep In Mind While Buying  Travel Insurance Policy.

  • Disclose about pre existing ailments in the form:

         Mention all details of  pre existing disease in the proposal form of travel guard policy.

  • Places you are visiting to be mentioned:

Need to mention the details of places of visit.

  • Cover for Medical & Accidental Expenses:

If you fall ill or get injured while traveling due to change in climate, bacterial or viral infection, not being able to adapt to a new diet or so on, getting medical attention in a foreign country could be challenging and even expensive due to currency conversion rates. A travel insurance policy can help you cover your hospitalization costs which can be huge in a foreign country.

  • Cover for Baggage & Belongings:

A travel insurance policy provides with compensation in the event of loss of baggage, passport and other documents etc

  • Cover for Loss of Passport, Trip Delay or Missed Flights:

While the reasons covered differ from policy to policy, the ones that are typically taken care of include cancellation due to weather related issues, business conflict, delay in processing your passport, illness or injury etc. The insurance company typically pays the difference between the total amount you paid for the trip and the refund you get from the vendor.

  • Adventure activities are covered or not:

In case tour itinerary involves adventure activities, such as paragliding or bungee   jumping, check with your insurer if these activities are covered by your

  • Special plans for overseas education and Senior Citizens:

There are special Plans available for students going overseas and for senior Citizens.