10 Steps To Financial Freedom.

Here’s a practical Top 10 List of things you can do right now to get started on the path to financial freedom. Just for fun, we’ll countdown instead of up.






  1. Plan your expenses.

Setting up a realistic budget should be the foundation for all of your financial decisions. Without a budget, your financial objectives are nothing more than wishful thinking.

  1. Prioritize your goals.

You should scale your financial goals as per its urgency and requirement. Goals like retirement planning, children education, insuring earning member or repayment of loan/debt should be prioritized and placed.

  1. Reduce your use.

Don’t use your credit cards so much. Contrary to what you may have heard, credit cards aren’t evil, it’s their misuse that’s the problem. That’s why it’s important to develop self-discipline. If out-of-control spending is a problem, cut up your credit cards.

  1. Get a grip on your spending.

A key factor in achieving financial freedom is spending less money than you make. But even if you already do that, there’s usually a chance for improvement. We tend to equate our spending with big purchases, but often it’s the little things that’ll put you in debt

  1. Save money.

The other side of spending less is saving more. There’s no trick to saving money. It’s really a simple matter of spending less than you make and setting money aside. Think of your savings as money you pay yourself.

  1. Cook a meal.

One great way to spend less is to eat at home more often. Cooking your own meals gives you better control of what you spend on food and, as a bonus, better control on your caloric intake. So, it’s a healthy choice all around.

           4.Take smaller vacations . 

Rather than travelling to far off places take a local vacation this year. You’ll have more money to spend on activities your whole family can enjoy. Wherever you are, other people are likely traveling long distances to see things near you.

  1. Freedom from lucrative opportunity.

People should stop getting distracted by the schemes which provide double returns on their money invested within one year and instead should concentrate on achieving their financial goals through proper investment plan.

  1.  Invest to keep your treasury from running out.

Make investment part of your budget. Your goal should be to make your investments last as long as possible. It’s not an unreasonable goal with today’s investments. To keep your income running all those years, you’ll need to maintain your investment. Plan for those investments.

  1. Pray each day before you pay.

Emotional and spiritual balance will lead to financial freedom. Ask God to guide you and give you strength to follow the first nine steps. “Give thanks in everything. Don’t be disappointed for what you don’t have.