Cradle To College

How much will you spend supporting your Child from Birth until they reach 22?

  • Expenses likely to be incurred from child’s Birth to first 3 years may come to an approximate Rs 2,50,000 as per today’s cost
  • A Pre Primary Education from a good school cost you around Rs 50,000 approximately for a year
  • Primary & Secondary School Education can cost you around Rs 100000 to Rs 150000 approximately for one year
  • Undergraduate Education can easily cost you around Rs 500000.Imagine what it may cost after 10-15 years from now
  • Post Graduation courses that cost between 10 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs in India, can go upto 50 Lakhs abroad

One of the major concerns of every parent is the education of his or her child. However, parents these days have to shell out a large portion of their savings on  their child’s education be it primary or higher education.

Those whose children wish to pursue higher Education & are short of funds, education loan comes to their rescue. However one should depend on education loan only to bridge gap between their savings & the actual fund required

One needs to put a plan in place by setting a target amount for their child’s education needs

The child education plan is made to protect the future needs of your child & build corpus to be utilized to finance your child’s education needs

Start planning for finances for your child’s education needs at an early stage of their life