Best Tax Planning Options

Everyone in the lure of making money to meet their needs, at the same time people even try to figure out ways to save tax utilize the same to build a corpus.

Tax saving planner suggest you best tax planning options, help you invest & build corpus for future & achieve financial goals faster through proper tax planning.

You can also save tax on certain types of expenditure which you normally incur.

Through proper tax planning make best use of various tax exemptions, deductions & other benefits to minimize tax liability and hence save tax.

Here are few best tax planning options through which you can save tax:

  • Avail deduction by investing in various investments specified u/s 80C, 80CCC, 80CCD alone or in combination.
  • Save tax on the Health Insurance Premium which you pay u/s 80D.
  • Save tax on the payment you made towards the Principal Repayment of your home loan and even against the Interest Payment on home loan.
  • If you have taken any education loan you can save tax u/s 80E towards payment of Interest on Education Loan taken.
  • Invest in Mutual Fund & save tax on Dividend Income & Returns on such investments are tax efficient if invested for the period of 1 year or more
  • If you have made Donations to the Charitable Institutions you can avail deduction u/s 80G